“My sisters and I have been going to House Yoga for about a year now and we saw that they started offering Yoga Trapeze, so we dedicated one Sunday to try this new class out. We were pretty nervous at first as we have never done anything like this before. The instructor was very calming and she really knew what she was doing so it made it that much better! During the trapeze session we laughed and had so much fun! It was a great workout too (more than I expected it would be). After about 15 minutes, I really let go of my fear and it was an amazing experience! Just letting the trapeze hold you and the stretching felt amazing. I am a runner so my back is always bothersome, after this class it felt great! I highly recommend this class, I can’t wait to go again!”

-Allison R., House Yoga student

“I tried the Yoga Trapeze after being told it relieves lower back pain by Renee Roman. She told me about her story of her car accident and how she had severe lower back pain until starting Yoga Trapeze. At first I was a little nervous to try it. I personally had a back injury due to weight lifting accident and the pain was so bad I physically could not walk for a week. I had a bulging disk and the pain went down my entire left leg. Over time I slowly healed and was able to walk and continue weight training, but was extremely limited due to my back pain still lingering. So I finally decided to try the Yoga Trapeze class and I am so grateful that I did. The trapeze decompresses your spine and allowed my disk to heal. Immediately following the class I was able to bend down and touch my toes. Something I was not able to do since before my Injury. I was in disbelief. How could hanging upside down and doing all these cool looking moves on the trapeze alleviate this pain that has been bothering me for over a year? I was amazed. And on top of that, the Yoga Trapeze class is really really fun! Not only is it fun and help with back pain, but it’s also a great workout too! It helps strengthen your core and other muscle groups you may feel you need to work on. It is such a great class for many reasons. I, Tan Pasha, strongly encourage everyone to try this class. Regardless if you have back pain or not, the class is a great time and a great workout. You get the best of both worlds! Renee makes the class fun and makes you feel comfortable and not nervous about doing any of the routines. It’s lighthearted and very free flowing. She has done a remarkable job for me personally to be able to help heal my back to 100%. Something I thought would not be possible. This class is a MUST DO!”

-Tan P., Retro Fitness student

“Renee actually introduced me to the idea of doing yoga trapeze a few months back. I was already interested in yoga, the idea of yoga trapeze interested me even more when I learned that it can alleviate back pain. I played basketball growing up for years, which definitely causes some stiffness in my lower back area. Yoga trapeze helped me relieve that stiffness in my lower back all while helping me stay grounded. I also suffer from anxiety, ever since yoga trapeze I have been able to calm myself down if I get too worked up using the breathing techniques that I learned during class. I advise anyone to take Yoga trapeze class with Renee, many people are frightened of the idea of doing yoga, but Renee’s classes are not only extremely beneficial but also extremely fun.”

-Destiny J., Retro Fitness student

“I tried Trapeze for the first time because my friend Cristina recommended it. During the trapeze session Although the first time I found it a bit challenging Renee was always around to help facilitate the process.  After the session was over I felt this overwhelming sense of relaxation throughout my body.  I enjoyed that the classes were small so attention is given to every member of the class. Would definitely like to return.”

-Denise M.

“I began following the YouMeTrapeze Instagram page because I’ve always wanted to take a yoga class and it looked interesting. After I saw a girl I knew doing it on the trapeze page I decided to give it a try.

During the trapeze session I felt great about trying something new but I also felt challenged in how much strength it takes to pull your own body weight on the trapeze. It was a refreshing experience over all and the coach was very encouraging and made the whole experience really fun. Within an hour after the trapeze I began to feel a little dizzy possibly because of being upside down and not being used to it. But over all I felt stronger and ready to do yoga trapeze again! I never heard of yoga trapeze and did not know what to expect when I got to the class other than it looks pretty cool and I want to be able to look graceful in the air like its shown on the Instagram page. I loved the class and I want to continue to do it and become more flexible and strong. Keep doing what you are doing trapeze team!! 🙂 Very happy girl right here~!

-Sinthia S., Retro Fitness student

“I have been wanting to try yoga trapeze since a long time close friend conducts classes for it, I just never had time. But I wish I would of tried it sooner. Not cause its just fun and you laugh but the relief it gives you from pain. As I have a bad knee and sometimes my lower back pain kills, especially because of my corporate job where I sit in front of a computer all day. When I tried not going to lie I was nervous but after learning some basics and feeling a difference I wanted to do more. I felt parts of my body become relaxed that I would of never thought and make me realize I need to get back into shape lol. But my god after doing some inversions and stretching my back felt AMAZING!!! I felt so different and relaxed, and imagine we put all this weight on our legs and feet all day, day after day. I enjoyed it so much I am getting one to put in my apartment, so I can help with body pain, get stronger and have a new hobby. I would highly recommend this to anyone who just wants to try something different, has issues with their body or just to build muscle.”

-Shannon R., Retro Fitness student